Storytelling Biography

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“The work of the storyteller is to make the invisible visible.” (School of Storytelling Idiom: credit to Roi Gal’Or, Ashley Ramsden and Sue Hollingsworth) Education 2014: The Wandering Court: The School of Myth One Year Programme, Westcountry school of myth and Story, Dartmoor, Devon, UK 2013: The Art of Storytelling, International School of Storytelling, Sussex, UK. 2008 – 09: The Craft of Storytelling, International School of Storytelling, Sussex, UK.

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Crysalids at the V&A

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Crysalids (2014) Mixed-Media: jesmonite and polyester resin, latex, acrylic, iron and copper fillers, mount board and expanding polyurethane, exhibtied at the Victoria and Albert Museum        

Crysalids – Canalology

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Crysalid Sculptures (2014), Mixed-Media: Jesmonite Resin, Aluminium Wire Mesh, Galvanised Steel Wire, Copper and Iron Fillers, Gold Dust and Linseed Oil, exhibtied at Canalology Festival 2014